Statement of Asian Youth Ministers Meeting 6th

Pada tanggal 18-21 Agustus 2014, setelah acara Asian Youth Day keenam di Daejeon Korea, para pendamping OMK nasional  se Asia berkumpul untuk Asian Youth Ministers’ Meeting keenam. Berikut ini pernyataan mereka.


Asian Youth‎ Ministers , wake up! The Glory of the Martyrs Shines on Us.

We, the youth ministers in Asia, acknowledge the realities of our young people today. With Pope Francis, we celebrate‎ the glory of God shining on them in their “optimism, energy and goodwill which are characteristic of the period of life” (from the homily of the AYD6 Closing Mass, 17 August 2014). However, we see them facing and experiencing the corruption of human values due to individualism, materialism, consumerism and modern technology. They are also experiencing hardships, persecutions, isolation and problems due to social, economic and political situations which lead to property of many kinds.

With these realities, we are committed to facilitate, animate and accompany young people, and are motivated by the convictions that:

1. Every person needs an authentic personal encounter with Christ in order to live as a disciple in the community of faith and to reach out to others especially those in the peripheries.

2. Our ministries must be rooted in the Word of God and the Eucharist.

3. As shepherds of our young people, the spirituality of accompaniment and listening to the young is our priority and therefore, ongoing formation is important to sustain our faith.



For the Youth Ministers:

A. Involve the youth in pastoral ministry and make them an integral part of the Church.

B. Utilize social media as an instrument to proclaim our faith and share the Joy of the Gospel.

C. Discern and develop our potentials as youth ministers for the integral development of youth.


For the Youth Commissions:

D. Review and ensure that programs and strategies facilitate authentic personal encounter with Jesus Christ, to whom the martyrs gave courageous witness.

E. Provide pastoral care by creating space and opportunities for youth ministers to grow holistically and be updated in their ministry.

F. Review, if necessary redefine, and strengthen the structures of youth ministry to respond more effectively to needs of the youth.


For the Regions and the FABC-OLF-Youth Desk:

G. Foster greater networking and collaboration using new and varied ‎means of communication.

H. Share programs and resources

I. Promote mutual support within each region.
6th Asian Youth Ministers’ Meeting

18th-21st August 2014, St. J. Hasang Education Center, Diocese of Daejeon

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